Saturday, June 30, 2012

Days 6 - 8 (June 28 - 30)

Days 6 - 8 (June 28 - 30):

We spent the past few days following the Bodensee-Koenigssee cycling route through the forests and farms of Bavaria.  The rolling countryside was magical and particularly pleasant to experience by bicycle.  It has been hot, and it’s easy to get sunburned if you’re not careful.  We cycled to Lindau, then took a ferry to Konstanz on the southern shore of Lake Constance.  While my sister Becky watched the kids, I had the pleasure of swimming out into the deep, pleasant water of central Europe’s third largest lake.

We watched the Germany vs. Italy Eurocup soccer game in a bier garten in Oberstaufen, making friends with strangers as we cheered the exciting game.  The German fans were disappointed, but could not deny that Italy deserved to win the game.  We plan to watch the final between Spain and Italy in Zurich on Sunday night.

Sho (age 11) and Lucas (age 14) have played soccer whenever they can, and coming across a soccer field is usually an excuse to take a break from cycling.  They played an exciting pick-up game of soccer with some local kids in Lindau (see pic).

Saya sits on the trailer cycle behind me and as we ride she often makes up silly songs and asks me random questions.  As we discussed the difference between carnivores and herbivores, she suddenly said, “Wait, how come I know more than you?”  When I suggested that she draw a picture of a horse in her journal, she said, “I don’t know how to draw horses.  I only know how to draw unicorns.”

Here are some pics:

Soccer friends in Lindau:

Waiting at a train crossing:

Saya with sheep:

Saya with flower necklace:

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