Thursday, June 21, 2012

We're in Munich testing out our bikes (before we officially start riding on Saturday) and visiting with my old friend Henrik von Voigt.  He took us to a bridge over the Eisbach River.  Just past the bridge, there is a 1-meter high standing wave that local surfers use to practice their skills -- amazing to watch.  Check out the pic.

While riding in the Englischer Garten yesterday with Henrik, we were caught in a heavy downpour.  We sought refuge under the tents of a bier garten, where Sho and Saya decided to perform their version of Singin' in the Rain (see pic and video below).

Sho and Saya watching a river surfer:

Saya lets you know what she thinks of the rain:

Sho and Saya singin' in the rain:

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