Monday, July 2, 2012

Days 9 - 10 (July 1 - 2, 2012)

Days 9 – 10 (July 1 – 2, 2012)

On July 1, we cycled from Constance to Zurich, Switzerland on a wet day.  We ate lunch at a street festival in a small town along the way, where Sho and Lucas went on a crazy carnival ride that sent them spinning high in the air.  It would have made any normal human sick, and I happily watched from the ground with Becky and Saya. 
            We had to deal with the first flat tire of the ride, which occurred on Sho’s bike – a piece of glass.  I changed the tire inside a tunnel to escape the rain.  We eventually made our way into Zurich, where we enjoyed a wonderful home cooked meal at a friend of Becky’s.  He told us that large chunks of hail and heavy rain had pounded Zurich earlier in the day.  We were lucky only to have dealt with intermittent rain during our ride.  That night, we watched Spain dominate Italy in the Eurocup soccer final, 4-0. 
            On July 2, Becky and I decided to give the kids a change of pace and took a train from Zurich to Einsiedeln, where we stayed with Claudia Kaelin, a childhood friend.  Sho, Saya and Lucas spent the late afternoon and evening playing outside with Claudia's 14-year old son.  Saya collected lettuce and edible flowers from the garden to make the salad for dinner (see pic).  Near the end of the evening, Sho asked me to play hide and seek with the kids.  As we were hiding behind a bale of hay, he whispered, “I’m having such a great time on this bike trip!”

Here are some pics:

Buying fruit from a farm by the road:

Saya in Constance:

Sho in Constance:

Lucas getting simple carbs during the ride (yes, that's a jar of honey):

Saya collecting edible flowers to add to the dinner salad at Claudia Kaelin's:

Saya with the dinner salad she collected from Claudia's garden:

Eating with Claudia Kaelin in Einsiedeln, Switzerland:

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