Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Days 3 - 5 (June 25 - 27)

Days 3 – 5 (June 25 – 27):

It’s been a good trip so far: 4 out of 5 days have been sunny and warm.  We got rained on for a few hours on Day 3, which gave Saya a chance to dress up in her stylin’ rain gear (see pic).  We’ve followed the Bodensee-Koenigssee cycling route, which I’d recommend to anyone who enjoys outrageously gorgeous views of the Alps, pleasant – albeit sometimes challenging – riding through farm country, friendly people and good food.

Sho has had to walk his bike up some of the steep climbs, but is getting stronger by the day.  He loves the fact that the Eurocup soccer tournament is underway and is following it closely.  We'll watch Spain vs. Portugal tonight and Germany vs. Italy tomorrow night.  Sho predicts Germany vs. Portugal in the final on Sunday.  Saya makes funny observations while sitting behind me on the trailer cycle.  My favorite: "Treat me like a dog."  Context: she was crawling on all fours and barking, hoping that Sho would play fetch with her.

It's been wonderful to have my sister Becky along.  She speaks beautiful German and is a beloved aunt to Sho and Saya.  Since she lives in Nashville and I live in NYC, this is a rare chance to spend time together.  Lucas, her 14-year old son, is a talented soccer player and has been teaching Sho some impressive moves.  After 6 weeks of cycling and Lucas's tutoring, Sho expects to enter the fall soccer season in excellent shape.

Here are some pics:

Saya ready for rain:

Saya the goal keeper (Lucas and Sho in the distance with no chance to defeat Saya's wall of steel):

Becky, Lucas, Sho and Saya with a friendly Bavarian couple who gave us drinks on a hot day:

Sho and Lucas competing for attention with the incredible view:

Crossing a stream:

Becky and Saya with Castle Neuschwanstein in background:

Saya has been collecting flowers in meadows along the way.  Here is one of her bouquets:

Pausing in a beautiful meadow on the way to Mittelberg:

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