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Days 14 – 17 (July 6 – 9, 2012)

Days 14 – 17 (July 6 – 9, 2012)

            Two weeks after the start of our ride, we said goodbye to my sister Becky and her 14-year old son Lucas, who took a train from Fribourg to Munich, then flew back to the U.S.  They were excellent traveling companions, and Sho, Saya and I miss them. 
We enjoyed good company the evening of Day 14 (July 6), staying at the home of Alain and Ursula Besson, two adventure cyclists who have traveled by bike all over the world in the past few years.  Sho and I met them when we cycled through Japan in 2009 and have stayed in touch.  The 70-kilometer route from Fribourg to Lausanne was hilly, and Sho was exhausted by the end.  Alain picked up the kids in his car about 8 kilometers from his home, and I pedaled the rest of the way by myself.  
We took the next day off from cycling, explored Lausanne and spent a second night at Alain and Ursula’s home.  They were generous hosts, serving us several wonderful meals that included fruits and vegetables picked from their garden. 
            On Sunday, July 8, Alain and Ursula cycled with us from Lausanne toward the border with France.  They were headed to an adventure cycling conference, and our routes coincided for about 25 kilometers.  It was wonderful to follow them on quiet roads and not worry about getting lost.  We were sorry to say goodbye to them, but maybe we will meet again some day cycling in a foreign country.
            We slept in the town of Vallorbe, then said goodbye to Switzerland as we cycled into France on Day 17.  We traveled through beautiful farmland and ended the day at a comfortable campsite in Levier, France.  After setting up our tent, we cooled off in the campsite’s swimming pool. 
            We’re now in Besancon, which hosted a leg of the Tour de France the day before.  I wished we had made it here one day earlier, so that we could watch the event, but it was not meant to be…
            Here are some pics.  Also, Sho and Saya have been tapping impromptu throughout the ride.  I've included some videos of one of their sessions.

Sho recreating the scoring pattern of the Italy vs. Germany Eurocup soccer game: 

Field of sunflowers on our cycling route:

One of our fabulous meals with Alain and Ursula Besson:

Saya with swans in Lausanne:

Family pic:

Saying goodbye to Alain and Ursula:

Dramatic sky during our ride:

Sho cycling through the lonely Swiss countryside:

Border between Switzerland and France:

Church in French countryside town:

Setting up tent in Levier campsite:

Saya in pool at campsite:

Sho teaching Saya some tap moves:

Saya's impromptu tap dance:

Sho's impromptu tap dance:

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